Our Story

The idea for Momatu came to me when I was contemplating the task of documenting the history of my family’s former business The Good Guys. I realised that compiling and ordering decades of memories together in a compelling fashion would not be a simple or enjoyable task.

It was then that it struck me that this would also apply to documenting my family life. With my five children often spread across multiple geographies, our busy lifestyles, and so many devices between us, it had become increasingly difficult to share and keep track of life’s ‘keeper’ moments. Not to mention, order them and easily reference the ones we wanted to reminisce about in a private space. Social media had become a dumping ground for images and therefore wasn’t the answer for my family to enjoy co-creating our shared history. The answer was Momatu. 

Momatu helps parents and families easily capture, sort and share life’s precious moments in a way they’ve never been able to before. It’s a digital timeline that connects families by providing them with an enjoyable way to organise the past, capture the now and create tomorrow’s history together. 

My hope is that Momatu will one day transcend families to become a space where other important groups in the community like sporting clubs and businesses can share and co-create their rich histories.

Andrew Muir

Founder, Momatu